Omniscient: All Knowing

 Omniscient wraps up its first season on an ominous note, and as per most entertainment a cliffhanger. Nina and Daniel confront their father's killer, as he details how he avoided being caught. However Nina upon returning to the city, Nina has had her interface stolen. The interface is the sole component that runs the Omnscients system, and with it gone someone, a human that has access to all the video feeds live, and past of every single drone. Now the question arises as Nina has a mental breakdown, who stole the interface? Better yet who has unlimited information and power over everyone now. Nina then goes on a large accusation tour accusing her boss, boyfriend, and others of killing her dad. After her boyfriend Vinicios breaks up with her she goes on a dramatic walk to the park? Either way, she realizes who has had known her every move, and the only person with access to her room, Judite. Surprise surprise the government was the bad guy, shocker I know. Judite however has gone r

Omnscient: Living Without or In Fear?

       Omniscient means all-knowing, and in this universe, the drones are all-knowing. The show continues with its typical pace of who killed my father, shady corporation, etc. Frankly, I am a little over the story, the setting and atmosphere are the most appealing by far. The story is any other murder mystery story retold with dystopian technological flair. That dystopian technology however is what makes it entertaining and the purpose of the show, an all-knowing surveillance technology. Privacy is an illusion, and to think otherwise is asinine, ask Nina. Throughout the show scenes of intimate, private, and sensitive matters are exposed by the drones, and though technically not viewed by humans it still is a constant reminder that something, a computer in specific is watching.    So how do you operate in a world where you have no private life in theory? In omniscient, your business isn't propagated, but you are still watched. Your neighbors won't know your details but a comput

Omniscient: Law and Order

       In Omniscient, the entire story revolves around the law, criminal activity, and legality of the surveillance. As stated in previous posts the city in which Nina and other live is not the standard of a nation, but instead for a single city. Outside this city law functions, much like it currently does with police and detectives preventing and solving crime. The city with its drones nullifies their use entirely. The entire legal system for the city is the drone, crimes cannot be reported without your drone going off, and this fits well with the whole point of the show, why did Nina's fathers' drone not signal when he was murdered? Legally he is dead, but his drone did not go off and this causes the entire catalyst on why Nina wants to find out why, is there a deep state, a sinister plan, etc. But no matter how that plays out the fact is for the city Nina lives in, the legal issue of drones is null, as it is the system that their law runs on. How can you call into question t

Omniscient: A Prisoners Dilemma

Omniscient continues with Nina still fighting her way to the top of Omniscient to further her goal of finding her father's killer. The main theme of this episode is how drones affect humans, more specifically the interference with their privacy and freedom. Part of the episode even takes place in a prison where people who have been imprisoned due to the system tell Nina and other trainees that they will never know freedom until they are drone-less.    This weeks topic of culture, laws, and interaction of technology and people fits perfectly with this episode, I have before touched on the laws, or cultures such as the idea spewed by the corporate big shots, and politicians that safety is more important than privacy, and fail-safes such as the footage not being human-reviewed fit the bill of technology culture, and diffusion. However how widespread is the diffusion if only one city (to my knowledge) in the entire world decides this is the correct way of law enforcement? The people bo

Omniscient: Drones are for Suckers

 Episode 2 of Omniscient continues with Nina trying to solve her fathers death, and expands upon her relationship with her brother and Judite. The overall aspect of episode 2 is how drones are created, how they work with magnetics, and how long a person can theoretically go without a drone and how they get re-droned. Of course Nina learning all this, uses this new knowledge to her advantage in sneaking around the offices, stealing technology, and learning more about her fathers past and possible reason behind being murdered. A large portion of the episode takes place outside the city, where drones are not available and life looks much like it does now.      So far this is the biggest way to relate the episode to ourselves today. Setting plays a huge part in this as in the city where you are monitored 24/7 life is clean, polite, and almost modern day Victorian standard where there is a way you go about business. The outside is dirty, graffitied and crime ridden no place for inners, as N

Omniscient: Live Without Fear

       Omniscient follows Nina, a young Brazilian working for Omniscient System Company as a trainee. Omniscient System Company monitors, programs, and constructs fly sized drones that keep an eye on all citizens inside the city, and instantly reports crimes committed, its boasted as security and privacy, not just security. Their motto Live without Fear also plays a crucial part of their society, as only four murders have occurred in the last 10 years. Nina after acing an evaluation for the company to become a full time employee goes home to find her father dead, a former employee for the company she is hoping her ties can help locate the footage of the murder and find the murderer themselves the problem occurs though that no human is allowed to access the drones footage. However due to her dads drone not signaling there was a crime, it is instead covered up leading to Nina having outbursts at work, and eventually teaming up with stranger turned friend Judite to scheme a crime. The cri